How does Google see your site? Their Webmaster Tools will tell you.

I just discovered Google’s Webmaster Tools, which is a nice addition to Google Analytics: add your site (or sites), and Google will give you insight in how it sees your pages:

  • See when Googlebot last indexed your home page, and how many pages per day it crawls.
  • Analyse your robots.txt, add a sitemap to help Google index your content.
  • Find out in what queries pages from your site were returned (and in what position), and which links people clicked on.
  • Check out how the PageRank of your pages is performing.
  • Learn about all the trouble Googlebot had with your content: HTTP errors, links not found, URLs timing out or unreachable, restrictions by your robot.txt.

An interesting toolbox for webmasters, to help you optimise your site, and get an idea of how you’re performing.


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