Inspiration and hope?

As I am not from the US, I have no vote in the elections there. But as a world citizen, I am experiencing the choices made. I’m ambivalent about each trip I make to the US: going through the crazy bureaucracy at the border is a perfect way of demonstrating how much the US government likes to invade into my life.

The contrast with the people I meet once inside the country could not be bigger: many of them are passionate about making the world a better place, and equally feel their own government as the main obstacle in realising that. So with their elections this year, I’m trying to make sense of the candidates.

Of course, there’s the chance of Stephen Colbert taking on the challenge (I’m sure he has seen Man of the Year…).


But it’s far more interesting to watch Barack Obama: he inspires. His speech at the night of the primary in New Hampshire made of The Black Eyed Peas look inside himself, and make his talents and his friends’ talents work together:

1 week later after the speech settled in me…
I began making this song…
I came up with the idea to turn his speech into a song…
because that speech effected and touched my inner core like nothing in a very long time…

Or Clinton?

Hillary Clinton of course inspires people as well, but I’m not sure a mash-up with Tom Cruise’s interview about (and by?) Scientology is on par with the above:


Lawrence Lessig has a very clear 20-minute presentation on why he chooses Barack Obama, based on moral courage, integrity, and the actual change the candidates stand for. I really agree with his characterisation of Obama “a man who inspires as he leads”, “capturing the imagination of a generation”. And most of all: he will indeed restore my hope for peace and healing.

[Update 11 Feb] Even more inspiration: McCain?


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