Around the web in week 44

Early 2009, I started using Friendfeed as a way to aggregate various sources of web links to share. August that year, Facebook bought FriendFeed, ripped out the innovators, and left the site to bleed to death. (I’m sure it felt less dramatic to the fine folks who built it.)

I’ve had a nagging feeling since, wanting to move away, but (luckily) the great features of their service stayed on air, and (sadly) no real open alternative showed up.  But with the 1.6.0 release of tt-rss, my current news reader, came a “share…” bookmarklet, with the lacking piece of the puzzle: a way to inject any web page into a feed of web links to share.

When I suggested what I still missed, the developer almost instantaneously responded, completing the feature for my use case.

(By the way, you may notice communications on the tt-rss forum isn’t quite according to “customer care guidelines” – we don’t have a client-vendor relation anyway – but please also note the speed of delivery. Of course, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, and enjoy your cheap happy meals or expensive restaurant dinners.)

So: now I can plug RSS feeds into my feed reader (just when Facebook and Twitter are replacing open standards with closed APIs). Share individual pages too. And publish feeds to my own website and other locations.

You can see my “stream of links” on the right as its own feed. But to take the experiment a little further, I’m working on a weekly (automatic) update of my blog too. Here’s a first (alpha) version bulletin.

My selection of updates from around the web, published last week:


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