First “XS4ALL Professor” in cyber securtity and privacy appointed

Ruling the Root: Internet Governance and the Taming of CyberspaceTalk about corporate social responsibility: Dutch internet provider XS4ALL has always been at the frontline when it comes to protecting the rights of internet users. And now I read in their newsletter that they’re sponsoring Syracuse University School of Information Studies professor Milton Mueller as the first "XS4ALL professor" at Delft University of Technology (press release in Dutch), for three years, focusing on security and privacy of internet users, especially mobile users.

FLOSSmanuals is go

Last Friday, Adam Hyde pressed the big green "go" button for a place to read, write, and remix free manuals for free software. The Netherlands Media Art Institute provided the place and time as part of the opening of the Video Vortex exhibition (they call it their response to Web 2.0). Part of the exhibition is a workshop space for projects, available for a week, and is the first one there. Adam also announced a good Board of Advisors that’s just established, and a grant from the Digital Pioneers fund.

Tracking time and expenses

In my previous job, I simply had to keep track of time spent on some project. I used SDS Time for years, simple, straightforward, and with the data in CSV format on my desktop, quite easy to fill out the company time sheets. We didn’t monitor anything beyond "hours on a project", and with categories and so, I could also keep track of time spent on certain private projects and boards and so.

Agenda and contacts

For a long time, I have used DateBk4 and DateBk5 as my agenda on my Palm. But I was always unhappy about the lack of support at the desktop, and I slowly concluded that I was not really using the full potential of an electronic agenda when I constantly had to either type in all information on my Palm, or enter half the info on the desktop, then sync, and add the other half on my Palm. Things like categories of appointments.

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