A sea change in international development

A few years ago, I could not have imagined myself ever considering the World Bank a shining light on what needs to happen in international development. But today’s TED talk by Sanjay Pradhan, vice president of the World Bank Institute, is such a shining example. We come to this crossroads from very different directions, but […]

Ay caramba, Ubuntu 12.10: Get it right on Amazon!

Ay caramba, Ubuntu 12.10: Get it right on Amazon!: Another glimpse at the new Ubuntu, and at what makes it awkward. Mr. Shuttleworth has already declared that all your data belong to him…

“Don’t trust us? Erm, we have root. You do trust us with …

Around the web in week 42, 2012

Fundstücke published this week:

Privacywaakhond: privacybeleid Google in strijd met Europese regels16 Oct 2012, Janneke SlöetjesOp 16 oktober 2012 maakte de Franse privacywaakhond CNIL bekend dat Googles privacy policy in strijd…

Around the web in week 41, 2012

Fundstücke published this week:

Maakt het ons makkelijker, dat kost minder9 Oct 2012, Rejo ZengerIedereen is het er over eens: de Wet openbaarheid van bestuur (Wob) werkt eigenlijk niet en moet wor…

Twitter puts the bird in a cage

When I came across Twitter, years ago, it first looked like another chat service. But with the ability to interact via SMS, and easy ways to feed tweets into websites and applications, it quickly became a rich ecosystem for exchanging all kinds of status updates. You see metro lines on twitter, announcing disruptions in services. […]

Open Knowledge Festival

A few weeks ago, in September, the Open Knowledge Festival brought together a world-wide community of people working on all sorts of “open”: open cities, open design, open government, open science, open hardware, open education, … and of course: ope…

Schneier on Security: The Importance of Security Engineering


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