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I help organisations in civil society to share and use data, and collaborate online.

You know that working together online is essential to your organisation’s success: sharing documents, policies, and data. You want to improve your IT landscape, operations, and the satisfaction of of the users of your tools. That’s where I can help, as a sociotechnical system engineer and trailblazer.

Increase efficiency and productivity

By designing systems that take into account both social interactions and technical components, I can help your organisation improve work processes, to increase efficiency and productivity.

Boost satisfaction and well-being

By looking at organisational culture, and the perspectives and needs of all stakeholders, we can jointly create systems with a positive and inclusive user experience, and happier and more satisfied teams.

Be ready for future developments

By anticipating potential future challenges, and emerging online tools and platforms, I can help you make your systems adaptable to changes in both technology and organisation.

As a technical advisor or business analyst

I can help you navigate the world of collaboration and data technologies, and find solutions that work for you. I offer a range of services, from assessing your current IT landscape and making recommendations, to developing prototypes and tools that can solve specific problems. I can also provide support to address IT capacity problems, or conduct research on a particular technology.

As a facilitator or trainer

I can help your organisation improve collaboration and communication with partners and stakeholders around the world. I offer a range of services, from planning and organising online discussions and consultations, to providing courses and training on new internet technologies, social media platforms, and data tools. With my help, your staff and partner organizations can stay up-to-date on, and prepare for the latest online developments.

As a technical coach

I can help you improve your services for your existing non-profit clients. Whether you need to be up-to-date on container and cloud services, modern ways of version control for your source code, or contemporary tools like full-suite automated testing, I can coach you to develop the skills to stay relevant in the current software market.

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