About Rolf

Welcome to my website. In this section, I’ll give you some information about my work and why I do it.

I’m focusing on “e-collaboration”: mixing information and communication technologies with “traditional” group facilitation, to help teams and organisations achieve goals and learn.

  • How to collaborate online with your colleagues and partner organisations
  • How to manage and market your website
  • How to improve discussion processes and policy-making using the internet
  • How to cultivate an online community

Inspiration and motivation comes from the worlds of grassroots and consensus-based communities and networks, and open source, open organisations, and sharing and respect, and the art world, always challenging perceptions and assumptions.

My focus is mostly on the process of learning and empowerment. Success for me means the people I work with all feel better equipped to pursue their own dreams and plans.

My work so far

I have worked for civil society since 1994, starting with office networks, email and internet training in Central and Eastern Europe in the mid ’90s, and developing web sites and web applications for online discussion and policy-making, and continuing with learning and collaboration. I worked with many organisations both in The Netherlands and world-wide, for Friends of the Earth, OneWorld, and AIDEnvironment.

In 2004, I started working as fully independent facilitator, researcher, and developer, for organisations like Greenpeace, IICD, IDRC, APC, and Nabuur. Focusing on internet as an effective communication tool to work together.

Since 2007, Jaap-André de Hoop and I put our joint activities in a new company, Nivocer B.V., to provide development, hosting and support for tailor-made websites for monitoring and evaluation and online surveys, mainly focusing on the international development sector.

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