• “Now” page: I picked up the idea in 2024 from Monique Dubbelman, who quotes Derek Sivers. It’s a great way to share ambitions and focus areas.
  • I’ve used different platforms to maintain lists of interesting events, most notably and Lanyrd. By mid-2016, a few years after Lanyrd was bought by Eventbrite, it became unreliable, and soon after, Lanyrd was gone too.
  • Stanley Bruce (Principal Surveyor at DNV Energy) emailed me in May 2007: “Came across your website re St Drostan, Would you like some pictures to go with it?”. Yes! Many thanks, Stanley!


  • My main website is based on WordPress for quite some time now, with various plugins. I have written my own software for websites before that, and I am using Antora and Asciidoc together with Github for my notes. In between, I experimented with Typo3, Drupal, Jekyll/markdown-based tools, and a lot more.