Brand assets

For most profiles and accounts, I use my portrait image as my logo. But I also have an icon logo that can be used for more abstract applications.

Profile pictures

Icon variations

The regular icon should work fine most of the time: white foreground on a coloured background circle.

  • The white and black background variations include an opaque background circle.
  • The regular icon is usable in a dark style environment too, but I have included separate dark variations.
  • The black and white versions may be more suitable for print or in monochrome applications.
  • There are also options with the name added. These are PNG (pixel) rather than SVG (vector) files, to make sure the font is rendered correctly.

Please get in touch first if you would like to use the icon in another colour. (The SVG image is very easy to adapt, but I would like to know about it and approve it.)

I have a separate story about my logo.