Copyright and license info

The content on this site comes from various sources, and therefore the copyright and license is different for each of the various bits and pieces.

My own content

Creative Commons License

I make my own materials available under a Creative Commons Licence. This means you can use, re-use and adapt it however you see fit, but with two conditions:

  1. You’ll have to attribute me as original author
  2. You’ll have to make your adaptations available under the same license.

Please read the full explanation on the Creative Commons site for all details on the license.

Contributions by others on this site

Visitors of my site have the opportunity to comment or contribute in various places. The original authors can keep the copyright on their own contribution, but by contributing it to my site, make it available under the same Creative Commons Licence.

Imported content

I also import content from various other sources: events I am interested in, stories and content that I come across on blogs, bookmarks of websites that interest me. The specific collection of links is of course my own, but the title, description, and possible other content usually is not. You’ll usually be taken to the original site for further reading, and you’ll have to check with the copyright license on that site what you can do with the content.

I am importing the content, to have a local copy for the purpose of searching and as private archive.

Things to resolve?

In case something is unclear, there is a possible violation of copyright, or any other matter related to copyright or licensing, please get in touch with me to resolve it!