What are the effects of open development?

At “Open Data for Development Camp” in Amsterdam, Marijn Rijken of the Dutch research institute TNO presented on “open data opportunities in development”. Together, we’re now drafting a research proposal to gather answers on pertinent questions around open data in development: “What are the social, organizational, technological, financial and legal effects of open development?”. It’s part of our efforts to build network as the basis for a Dutch knowledge platform.


TNO has done similar sector-wide research around open data in other sectors, and would like to take the existing research in this area a step forward. AidInfo published a cost-benefit analysis on open data, and a framework for this. The Transparency and Accountability Initiative recently published a report on introducing open data in middle income and developing countries. And we also like to include “effective use” and impacts on e.g. privacy and security, and a possible “data divide”.

We plan to look at existing literature and research, sketch a vision on what “open development in 2020” could look like, and provide a framework for a social cost-benefit analysis, and the ground work for a road map to help organisations embrace open data and “do it right” (e.g. critical success factors, activating crucial stakeholders and infomediaries).

Of course we like to hear of other research projects with recent publications or currently underway.

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