Oxfam Novib publishes IATI data

Today, Oxfam Novib went public with their Atlas project browser and open data.

Various people in the Open for Change network have been working with Oxfam Novib for a while now, helping to explore the potential of “open” and to transform the organisation towards “open”. The starting point was “open data”, but Oxfam Novib didn’t focus on just the technical side of things: they wanted to embed “open” more deeply into the way they worked.

One part of that was building a web interface for their own staff to have better insight in where projects were happening: the Atlas browser. That browser is fed with data from the management information system at the head quarters in The Hague, via the IATI format.

So while the staff of Oxfam Novib got used to seeing up-to-date information on their projects, and we got a sneak preview at our Open Tea last year, Oxfam Novib was basically practicing how to update their data set daily, and learn how to embed that practice in their daily work.

Those daily updates to their Atlas system are now available for everyone to look at.

The underlying IATI data set actually contains more information, for instance on results of activities. This raw data for now is published and updated quarterly. The Atlas browser will be regularly expanded with new features too, so have a look at it, and give feedback on what you would like to see!

What we like to see: daily updates of the raw data as well, showing the whole IATI community what can be achieved once you automate the whole process. And perhaps to include into Atlas data from other Oxfam member organisations as well, and a freely available version of Atlas so others can provide such a service too for their own networks or organisation!


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