Screenshot of UrbanistaAI visuals from participatory planning of Helsinki summer streets

AI for participatory urban planning

On Thursday, the Rebooting democracy in the age of AI lecture series will continue with a conversation on AI for participatory planning, looking at the UrbanistaAI platform: a way to visually co-create the use of urban spaces.

The Daily Show on Youtube, on the false promises of AI

Jon Stewart and Lina Khan on AI

In The Daily Show, Jon Stewart debunks the false promises of “AI for Good”, and interviews chair of the FTC Lina Khan on oversight of AI companies and algorithms.

Dall-E "Rembrandt painting of a civil servant at a computer" (cropped)

A Friday Night with OpenAI about IATI

Can IATI benefit from XBRL’s experiences?

Over the last weeks, I started exploring XBRL, the eXtensible Business Reporting Language. Its purpose is “to improve the accountability and transparency of business performance globally, by providing the open data exchange standard for business reporting.” There are clear parallels with IATI, the International Aid Transparency Initiative, the open data exchange standard for development and […]

Around the web, again: interesting events

Looking forward to some interesting upcoming events: HackMIT, Partos Innovation Festival, Declarative Amsterdam

Webmaster spam

It’s heart-warming to get emails from people who read one of my blog posts of over a decade ago, and took the effort to write to me that their product is missing, or that they have a nice post about something too. Could you mention it in your article as an extra and fresh resource? […]

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