Browser compatibility testing

While trying to find good resources for browser compatibility, I came across some interesting services to check the output of a web page on different platforms and browsers.

  • Browser Photo delivers pictures of a page in different screen sizes on WebTV, iMac, and PC (Windows 2000), for IE and NS mainly (no Mozilla…). $150 for a year unlimited checking.
  • ScreenShotService offers a very similar service, and includes Linux and Mozilla, but only IE from version 5 on. €480 euro for a year. It’s in German.
  • BrowserCam is more sophisticated, and also offers VNC to check mouse-overs, forms, and so on, with more browsers, different Windows versions, Linux, etc. $480 for a year unlimited checking.
  • ieCapture is an attempt to create snapshots of a site in several iMac browsers. It’s very alpha still, and not always available.

Related resources:

  • AnyBrowser offers a SiteViewer for browser compatibility testing. They created an HTML specification that represents the lowest common denominator across browsers, so the idea is that if it shows up ok in the SiteViewer, it shows up ok in any browser. They also promise to have a desktop version available again.
  • Download older versions of browsers from the browser archive. And find out how many browsers there are 🙂 Another site offers stand-alone versions of IE to be able to have more IE versions on one machine. And at Deja Vu you can read more about browser history.

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