Obsidian as my new knowledge hub

It has happened. After more than a decade of taking notes with Zim, I have switched to Obsidian. 2011: Hello Zim In the middle of 2008, I switched from Windows to Ubuntu, and I needed a new note-taking tool. After trying a few options, in 2011, I settled on using Zim: Notes are stored as […]

DALL-E generated image of a robot assistant in an office team

ChatGPT as your new assistant

the Wordpress ActivityPub plugin page

Adding my site to the Fediverse

Thanks to the renewed interest in actual social media, rather than an algorithm-driven advertisement space, I find myself having interesting online conversations again. I really wanted to use my own website and domain for further engagement. But… experience with earlier attempts at federating networks made me cautious. Setting up and maintaining my own Jabber/XMPP and […]

The new IATI Validator is open for public testing

Het bericht The new IATI Validator is open for public testing verscheen eerst op Data4Development.

The new official IATI Validator

Het bericht The new official IATI Validator verscheen eerst op Data4Development.

Spreadsheets to IATI: our service

How do you produce and publish IATI files when you have more than a handful of projects? And when the information is spread over multiple systems? We’re now offering a “Spreadsheet to IATI service” to help you with that. Maybe you recognise this: We have dozens of projects: copy-pasting information into an online tool is […]

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