Around the web in recent months

photo: "Spider and web", Dwight Sipler (cc-by 2009)Been a bit too busy to write, but still “pushing” interesting items in the news feeds I follow. Here are some highlights from recent months:

Now that the first Dutch NGOs are embracing IATI, the International Aid Transparency Initiative, Partos is starting a programme to help all of them get on board:

CKAN is an open data registry (and by now, repository) that is available as open source, and quickly is becoming the de facto standard: governments of the UK and The Netherlands already use it, and new ones are joining:

And in terms of using open data for transparency and development:

Piwik is an open source web analytics platform that you can host yourself. A great tool to replace Google Analytics, with a steady stream of updates and improvements.

And in “other news”


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