Facilitate or help?

I’ve tried to find projects that truely put the “local agenda” of the end user at the heart of their work. “Facilitator projects” that are not becoming a stakeholder, but a means to a (local) end. Giving people tools to improve their own situation in their own way, extra opportunities to be effective with their energy and ambitions.

Some of my favourites:

Track your MP (UK)

An interesting set of sites in the UK, volunteer-run, to keep track of Parliament. TheyWorkForYou lets you check who your MP is, based on postcode: voting record, topics they’re interested in, and "performance" like participation in debates, recent appearances, responsiveness…

More Firefox

With the version 1.0PR of Firefox, two more noteworthy extensions have popped up!


Sits quietly in the status bar, and offers an "eye dropper" style colour picker, with the option to copy the selected colour to the clipboard ready to be pasted into a stylesheet. It also offers a better zoom function. Facilitates re-creating a site look and feel!


Firefox essential extensions

After using Firefox for a while, it’s hard to imagine still how "normal people" surf the web. By now, I tweaked my Firefox behaviour with several extensions.
Webdeveloper toolbar
Essential for developing web pages! The toolbar offers too many options to list all, but to name a few that I would not live without anymore:

  • CSS tools: edit the style sheet of a page on the spot, great for testing and debugging. Mark links as visited or unvisited to test styles here too.

Browser compatibility testing

While trying to find good resources for browser compatibility, I came across some interesting services to check the output of a web page on different platforms and browsers.

  • Browser Photo delivers pictures of a page in different screen sizes on WebTV, iMac, and PC (Windows 2000), for IE and NS mainly (no Mozilla…). $150 for a year unlimited checking.